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Bridi™ Utter Chaos 60Bridi™ Utter Chaos 60

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Utter Chaos 60

Wing Span: 63.25 inches
Wing Area: 700 sq inches
Engine Size: .50 - .60 (2 Stroke)
.60 - .90 (4 Stroke)
Est. Weight: 6.5 lbs
Symmetrical Air Foil

The Bridi™ Utter Chaos 60 is designed for performance and versatility. Completely built up balsa construction - fun, sport, pattern and turn-around manuevers can all be easily accomplished with the Utter Chaos. Canopy, engine mount, tricycle landing gear and hardware package included.

For ease of building, the ribs are now laser cut with 1/4" holes for a wing jig.

Price: $180.00
Shipping: $30*

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