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Dirty Birdy 60

Wing Span: 64.25 inches
Wing Area: 688 sq inches
Engine Size: .50 - .60 (2 Cycle)
.60 - .90 (4 Cycle)
Est. Weight: 7.75 lbs
Symmetrical Airfoil

The Bridi™ Dirty Birdy 60 is a fun, sport-pattern plane that is easy to assemble with machine cut parts that are sanded for extreme accuracy. It features built up wing and stab assembly with choice balsa and hardware. For ease of building, the ribs are now laser cut with 1/4" holes for wing jig.

The Dirty Birdy 60 will perform any maneuver you ask it to, and still slow down for a gentle landing.

Price: $200
Shipping: $30*

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